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1. The policies and measures adopted by the government to promote quality improvement
2. Quality innovation in Manufacturing
3. Improvement of public service quality
4. Management quality of internet economy
5. Change and Risk Management
6. Sustainable development and social responsibility
7. Leadership, team development and quality culture
8. Technology, method and practice of quest for excellence
9. Environment and safety management
10. Service experience and customers satisfaction Papers are not limited to the above
   proposed topics. Any paper prepared around the onference theme is welcome.

1. Present latest ideas and recent research outcomes, with a focused theme
   and factual content;
2. Combine theory with application, preferably citing case studies and
   empirical study outcomes;
3. One-to-two page abstract will be preferred. (Approximately 2000 to 5000 characters
   including spaces, 12pt font, standard margins, single spaced, no graphs, tables,
   or charts)
4. The following information should be included in the submission: topic of paper,
   name of author, keywords, as well as author profi le and contact. (Including
   organization, position and contacting E-mail)
5. Please pay attention to intellectual property protection as the paper is at your
   own risk.
6. Paper Submission

Please submit abstract (Microsoft word .doc file) to by May 31, 2015. The organizer will nvite subject-matter experts internal and external to do review and selection, and the fi nal selected paper ill be granted the chance of presentation in the conference or publication on Shanghai Quality magazine. he author will be informed review outcome before July 20, 2015. The ppt or full text of selected papers is equired to email to with the title “21st APQC Paper” by August 31, 2015. Please keep our manuscript as the submitted paper will not be returned.

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