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Harrington / Ishikawa Professional Medal

15th APQO / IMECCA International Conference,
Mexico City, Mexico October 7-10, 2009


Hesameddin AREF KASHFI  
President, Iranian Society of Quality Managers

Hesameddin AREF KASHFI Born in 1948, holds an M. Sc. In electrical and Electronics Engineering from Shiraz University in Iran and a DEA Degree in Sociology from Paris University in France as well as many certificates in quality, quality management and TQM from reputable institutions. He is a consultant, trainer, lecturer in quality and quality management and author of more than 75 articles published in Iranian management magazines, ISO bi-monthly and AOTS quarterly KENSHU. He serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Continuous Improvement Engineering Consultants and Chairman of Institute of Quality Engineering in Iran. His main field of professional activities is quality culture, leadership and human resources development.
He has widely lectured and conducted seminars and conferences on TQM and related issues in more than 150 cases for 80+ organizations. Hesam has had contributions as speaker, invited speaker or keynoter to large quality congresses and conferences in more than 40 events in Iran and abroad. He has presented in the international quality events in United Kingdom, Pakistan, Japan, UAE, China, India, Nepal, Turkey, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and other countries, He is the Founder and President of “Iranian Society of Quality Managers” , Establishing Member of Asian Network for Quality, Senior Member and Country Councilor of American Society for Quality, Honorary Fellow of Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan and, Vice President for External Affairs and Core Council and Life Member of Asia Pacific Quality Organization as well as one of its Technical Experts in quality and quality management. He is the President and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the International Conference of Quality Mangers which has received the largest support and audience in the world with about 5000 attendees every year since 2004. Hesam has been instrumental in making world quality movement known for Iranian community and vice versa. He has close relationship and cooperation with international and national quality organizations in many countries and due to his outstanding endeavors he was named “Quality Ambassador of Iran” by Iranian Society of Quality Managers. In this regard and in the honor of his great endeavors for promotion of quality, quality management and excellence and for receiving the historic supporting message from Dr. Joseph M. Juran for the quality movement in Iran in 2004, an official postage stamp is printed and issued recognizing him as the “Pioneer of Excellence”. Hesam is the recipient of the President’s Award from Asia Pacific Quality Organization in 2006 and also is elected as an Academician at the prestigious International Academy for Quality since 2006. As one of latest achievements, he has received ASQ “Century Club Award” from Dr. Gregory Watson, ASQ Past President and International Academy for Quality President in Tokyo in September 2009. He strongly believes in people and their potential in shaping their own future by transforming themselves as a foundation and building a block for changing their organizations and societies. To realize, he has initiated and introduced an annual event called Asian Camp (Create Alignment to Maximize Performance) to develop synergy among change leaders in different countries to enhance capabilities for change, transformation, creativity and innovation.