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Harrington / Ishikawa Professional Medal

19th Asia Pacific Quality Conference
Bali, Indonesia, October 6-9, 2013

Congratulations for the year 2013 Harrington / Ishikawa Professional Medal Awardee in recognition of your contribution to the advancement of the quality in the Asia Pacific region with your personal touch of leadership.



Dr. Srilal de Silva

The contributions made for quality enhancement in Sri Lanka as well as in the South East Asian region by Dr. de Silva extending over 40 years had resulted in changing the quality management practices in the region. These were brought up mainly through his association with Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) and Sri Lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ). These had resulted in business progress as acknowledged by many stake holders. Some of these changes include in new approaches in inspections services, certification and training leading to a new era of quality. Through many offices he held at the SLSI which he left as the Deputy Director General after 35 years of service, had greatly  improved  the   services  offered  by
SLSI in product quality improvement and safety of the community and resulted in having a major impact on quality in Sri Lanka. Many changes in the national level quality assurance programs such as infrastructure development in quality, changes in approaches through the introduction of regulations and the mechanism for import and exports of products, upgrading fish handling services to meet international requirements specially EU and enhancing the professionalism of staff were his major contributions for the quality enhancement in the country. He was responsible for introducing ISO management systems and certification in Sri Lanka and also worked successfully to receive accreditation of the systems. These had strengthened the umbrella for quality management in Sri Lanka with improvements in many associated organizations thereby support the effective quality management in the country.As the Chairman of Quality international Certification Services (QICS) and Quality International Technical Services (QITS) he continued to offer these services after leaving SLSI. QICS is the only private certification body in on ISO systems in the country and certifications offered include quality, food safety, environment and energy, workplace safety, social responsibility etc. QICS focus on value added certification in association with Certification International (UK) which operates with accreditation from UKAS. His contribution for training includes accredited lead auditor training based on ISO standards which was conducted through Quality International Technical Services (QITS)in association with IQCS (Singapore). QICS and QITS play a leading role in promoting quality and training in Sri Lanka specially through SLAQ and their services are sought after by corporate clients. His leadership as the president extending over 10 years resulted in SLAQ gaining national and international recognition and brought in a new dimension to SLAQ activities and also changes in quality promotional programs. His training skills are used by many international agencies such as FAO, APO, WTO, FDA and also many other private agencies to promote quality related activities in the South East Asian Region. His services as a consultant and trainer are sought by the state and the private sector in quality related areas.Now he is actively involved in promoting quality training in the countries in the Asian region. He is currently involved in upgrading the national infrastructure for quality where SLAQ will play an important role together with other institutes and organizations implement the national quality policy and other policies in other areas to such as construction, education and healthcare. He is a registered international auditor for ISO systems and involved in auditing management systems in Sri Lanka and the South East Asian Region. His publications over 100 in many national and international journals were well recognized and now contracted by many publishers for his publications. His technical presentations including those made at APQO conferences, were considered of high standards Graduated from the University of Colombo in chemistry and obtained his M Phil and PhD from Loughborough University of Technology in UK in Biotechnology. His research is well accepted by the industry and now used in commercial production. He holds a Diploma in quality Management from Bouwcwntrum International Education in Rotterdam. He had received advance training in quality especially in fisheries in Japan, UK, USA, China, Denmark, Thailand and many other countries. He holds the fellowship in many professional bodies.