Getting Your Customers’ Attention

A business is nothing without its customers. If you’ve recently started your company and have set everything perfectly – from your pitch, to your employees, to your network of contacts – you still may find yourself struggling to get customers.

So, what seems to be the problem? On paper, you have everything lined up and ready for work, your vision is fully developed, you know its direction, its strengths and weaknesses, but still, business seems to be slow. I have a few strategies to help you pick it up before you lose yourself in the process and it becomes harder.

Aim for the Right Customers

One of the most general mistakes new businesses make is to not have a clearly defined idea of who they want their customers to be. You can’t be too generic with this, because otherwise, your message will get lost in the vastness of information out there. Find out which groups of people are your target, and then revisit your pitch and continue from there. For example, if you manufacture toilet seats, you have to adjust your marketing approach to the said market (for example here at RateMyToilet).

Identify Your Customers’ Needs

This one is especially important if your business involves working with people. But nonetheless, it’s equally viable for everyone. Running a company that’s conscious of its customers’ needs puts you ahead in the line by a thousand steps. Its benefits are two-fold: for your business and for your customers – you’ll both get your wants and your needs met, and a company that has built a rapport with its customers is always successful.

Build Trust

Not only do you need to be aware of your customers’ needs, but you also need to prove you’re trustworthy as a company. You should make known your readiness to invest in the relationship you’re going to build with any potential customer. This social element is very important because trust will become a solid foundation for your further development of the business.

Keep an Open Mind

Sometimes a conversation with a potential customer won’t result in the signing of a deal, but these things shouldn’t disappoint you. You have to be open to other possibilities. Maybe after some time, they will come back, or they will have some connections that might help you with something in the future, you never know. Some conversations may not end up in a handshake, but lead to other fruitful places, so keep your head up!